We remotely work that we don’t act
too remote

Join our Fakir developer team and work on challanging software projects for European companies.

Core Values

We superpower your engineering team with remote engineers who think ahead


During work and in our private lives, we keep our eyes wide open to see problems and solve them with mindful, reliable, long-term solutions.


We use our foolish, childish and positive mindset to find new and creative solutions.This curiosity and creativity leads to better business solutions but also makes our lives more colourful.

Technology was created to solve the problems of humans.This does only apply if it‘s available to anyone. We believe technology should be accessible and understandable for everyone – especially for those who need it most.
A team is not a group of people working together; it‘s a group of people who trust, support and strengthen each other.We are not only in solidarity with our team but also our partners, suppliers and clients.

Our founding story...

A few years ago we got a customer who had the following problem: For years they had only one in-house developer who was the only one who had access to the source code for the system, which was also no longer state of the art.

The developer was making more and more decisions contrary to management, plus the software felt more like a house of cards, as soon as you change something on one side, bugs started appearing everywhere else.

A low quality software system, dependency on a single developer and little skills in finding and selecting software developers.

What could we do for the client?

First, we understood the status quo and built a parallel system in collaboration with the existing developer. At the same time, the budget was very limited, so at that time we focused on the selection and staffing of remote engineers.

Here, the client had access to experts ranging from UX to DevOps, who ensured ‘state-of-the-art’ software quality and efficiency. Using agile software methodologies, the product team now works closely with the developers.

Our offers

We take the full employee process from recruiting to retention of your shoulder

Finding talent
Finding Engineers in remote countries
Selecting talent

Selection process


Salary negotiations


Compliance, Tax, Payment, etc.


Reporting & conflict solving

Conflicts during work

Expertise sharing

Time tracking and review

Ongoing Consultant & Training

Technical Experts

Technical & Intercultural training

PO training

About our CEO

Simon Fakir

My name is Simon Fakir. I was born in Germany with a passion for Computer Science, business models and their interplay. While studying for my Masters in Information Systems (TUM) and Technology Management (Elite hons.), I learned all the theoretical bases and with 10 years experience in Consulting and Software Engineering, I also bring the practical knowledge with me. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact me anytime.


Unsere talentierten Mitarbeiter

Wir sind ein kollegiales, offenes und positives Team, das kreative, achtsame und langfristige Lösungen anstrebt..
Simon Fakir
Simon Fakir
Tim Schnelzer
Tim Schnelzer
Customer Success manager
Mohsen Samoudi
Head of Marketing & Design
Mastaneh Youshi
Mastaneh Youshi
Operations Manager
Whootan Ardebili
Whotan Ardebili
Head of representatives
Amirhossein Razmi
Amirhossein Razmi
Head of People & Culture
Kimia Bashiran
Kimia Bashiran
Frontend Lead
Mahdi Rashidi
Mahdi Rashidi
Negar Najimi
Negar Najimi
Solution Architect
Milad Ghamati
Milad Ghamati
ReactJS Developer

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