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About Simon

Simon, our company’s founder, began working as a software service provider in 2005. With a passion for making technology usable and designing solutions from scratch, Simon started our company to solve complex customer problems with targeted IT solutions. With his background in Information Systems and Technology Management and almost two decades of experience in the field, Simon has the expertise to deliver practical, sustainable solutions that drive change and connect technology with business models. Our company specializes in breaking down complex problems into manageable parts and delivering business-oriented solutions to meet our clients’ most pressing challenges.


Our talented

We are a cooperative, open and positive team who strives for creative, mindful, and long-term solutions.

Simon Fakir
Simon Fakir
Tim Schnelzer
Tim Schnelzer
Customer Success Manager
Mastaneh Youshi
Mastaneh Youshi
Operations Manager
Amirhossein Razmi
Head of People & Culture
Whootan Ardebili
Whotan Ardebili
Head of Representatives
Kimia Bashiran
Kimia Bashiran
Frontend Lead
Mahdi Rashidi
Mahdi Rashidi
Technical Architect
Negar Najimi
Negar Najimi
Solution Architect
Milad Ghamati
Milad Ghamati
ReactJS Developer

Vision & Core Values

We want to be a top destination for software engineers who deliver outstanding software solutions 
to our clients worldwide. Our core values guide us:


We are taking a quality-over-quantity approach to software development, thoroughly understanding our clients' needs to deliver the best possible solutions.


We seek new and innovative ways to approach software development, encouraging our engineers to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and programming languages and take an exploratory approach to problem-solving.


We are delivering software solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients while prioritizing the end-user experience.


We are creating a supportive environment that empowers our engineers to develop their skills and abilities to their full potential, encouraging collaboration and teamwork among our staff.

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Get to know our cooperative, open and positive team who strives to bring awesomeness to your software team.