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Work on challenging technical issues while also benefiting from our training sessions. You'll never stop learning!

Dein Ziel ist unser Ziel

Wir bauen faire und transparente Beziehungen zu jedem auf, mit dem wir zusammenarbeiten, um gegenseitiges Vertrauen und Wohlstand zu gewährleisten.

Flexible working hours

You have the advantage of flexible working hours. You only need to attend the meetings that are important for your team.

Great clients

At Fakir you have the chance to work with the best-verified companies with cutting-edge tech stack in Europe.

Cultural diversity

Fakir is an internationally diverse team of developers, who understand your culture and help you integrate into foreign teams.


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Submit an application

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Technical Interview


Technical Interview

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Project matching


Project matching

We find and select a project which fits your profile and provides a next step your career. Your final interview will be with the potential team mates.

Remote jobs - Grow within the company


Grow within the company

Once you are part of our team, you can grow in leadership or technical careers within our company.

Core Values

We superpower your engineering team with remote engineers who think ahead


During work and in our private lives, we keep our eyes wide open to see problems and solve them with mindful, reliable, long-term solutions.


We use our foolish, childish and positive mindset to find new and creative solutions.This curiosity and creativity leads to better business solutions but also makes our lives more colourful.

Technology was created to solve the problems of humans.This does only apply if it‘s available to anyone. We believe technology should be accessible and understandable for everyone – especially for those who need it most.
A team is not a group of people working together; it‘s a group of people who trust, support and strengthen each other.We are not only in solidarity with our team but also our partners, suppliers and clients.

What our team members say

Hear from our developers themselves how they experience working at Fakir Informatik

Rachit Magon

Software developer

The Fakir team’s values were reflected right from day 0 when I interviewed with Simon. This is a company I can vouch for where developers are heard and not just given tasks. As a developer, you will not be working FOR this company, but WITH this company. This is the best company I’ve worked with in my career of 10+ years!
Ghadeer Essa

UI/UX Designer

I am really fortunate that I found Fakir when I was searching for a long term remote job opportunity. The hiring process was professional and smooth. Now I’m working with a passionate team and an ambitious company in Europe with flexible working hours, and with all that I get paid without service fee deductions.


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Since our CEO Simon is a software engineer himself, we know how the culture in an IT company should be. Become part of an environment that will help you grow.

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