Remote Software Engineers who think ahead

We are an owner-run software company who works with international team of talented engineers. We join our clients’ software teams to work on challenging software projects and build awesome products.
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Our promises

We are more than just a software provider. Our mission is to help you find the right talents for your software team. We take care of recruting, onboarding, conflict solving and training so that you are able to focus entirely on your business.

10x Developers

Only the best developers work at Fakir Informatik. We will assign those to your project that fit your requirements.

Your Goal is Our Goal

We establish fair and transparent relationships with everyone we work with to ensure mutual trust and prosperity.

Save Time and Money

We do the whole interview process for you and offer competitive prices. We want to make the best out of your budget.

Access to Expertise

Besides your core team, you have access to experts like DevOps or Designers. We also provide trainings in Agile Development and Managing Intercultural Teams.


Hi, I am Simon!
I love to build awesome software with intercultural teams!

’As a CTO in several start-ups and as an IT service provider for more than 10 years, I got to know the challenges of distributed software development. It is already a challenge to find and select skilled talent. But it’s another to find people who are proactive and think ahead.

I am are specialized in finding these kinds of talents worldwide, and set the framework for productive, cooperative and positive teams.’

Simon Fakir

CEO of Fakir Technology Consultants GmbH
Simon Fakir | CEO of Fakir Technology Consultants GmbH

What we do for you

We take the full employee process from recruiting to retention of your shoulder: from finding the talent to the ongoing training. So finally you can focus on building your product.

Finding talent
Finding Engineers in remote countries
Selecting talent

Selection process


Salary negotiations


Compliance, Tax, Payment, etc.


Reporting & conflict solving

Conflicts during work

Expertise sharing

Time tracking and review

Ongoing Consultant & Training

Technical Experts

Technical & Intercultural training

PO training


How does it work?

Build your product team with our professional approach.


Understanding the problem

In the first step we align our goals with your goals: We need to understand your technical needs in order to choose the right developers.


Meet selected talents

Based on your needs, your budget and the urgency, we suggest the right developers for you. You will get to meet those shortlisted candidates.


Start the onboarding period

In this step we will make sure that the onboarding of the developers into your project goes smoothly.
Build awesome software


Build awesome software

Our shared goal is to build awesome products. We strive for long-term relationships and are here for you whatever you need.

Our roles for your team

We have experts in all key areas of your software project.


First-class software engineers, architects and computer programmers, with diverse and cutting-edge technology stack.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

We have the best data scientists in different areas including machine learning engineers, data science analysts and big data engineers.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Finest engineers with inclusive knowledge of development and operations: coding, infrastructure management, system administration, and toolchains.

Product Manager

Product Manager

Erstklassige Produktmanager, Scrum Product Owner und Business-Analysten mit Fähigkeiten in den Bereichen Forschung, Ideenfindung, Einführung von MVP und Markteinführungsstrategie.

Quality Assurance Engineers

Quality Assurance Engineers

Our QA-Engineers complete the software process and care about industry-grade product quality.

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designer

Top UI/UX, product and interaction designers in the industry with skills and hands-on experience in visual design, prototyping, and more


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Our talented

We are a cooporative, open and positive team who strives for creative, mindful and long-term solutions.
Simon Fakir
Simon Fakir
Tim Schnelzer
Tim Schnelzer
Customer Success manager
Mohsen Samoudi
Head of Marketing & Design
Mastaneh Youshi
Mastaneh Youshi
Operations Manager
Whootan Ardebili
Whotan Ardebili
Head of representatives
Amirhossein Razmi
Amirhossein Razmi
Head of People & Culture
Kimia Bashiran
Kimia Bashiran
Frontend Lead
Mahdi Rashidi
Mahdi Rashidi
Negar Najimi
Negar Najimi
Solution Architect
Milad Ghamati
Milad Ghamati
ReactJS Developer

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We are a cooporative, open and positive team who strives for creative, mindful and long-term solutions.

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