Reliable Stack on Hetzner Servers with DC/OS

For one of my clients we were looking for an affordable alternative to Amazon AWS and Heroku. The ‘self-hosted’ Cloud without loosing to many features and still maintainable.

We followed the following steps for the implementation:

  1. Which components to use? (Docker, CloudFoundry, DC/OS ?)
  2. Setup of first prototype
    First Production Pilot (here we are now)
  3. Transfer of Applications in the new cloud


First: Which components to use?

Our current stack is single Docker Instances on several servers. Our goal is to abstract from single servers and deploy services on a transparent stack. So our wishlist is:

  • Run Docker containers
  • Manage Docker dependencies
  • Balance resources and load is reliable

After comparing the possible solutions (datacenter/OS) is really promising: ‘The Definitive Platform for Modern Apps – Production Experience Built-in.’. It was created by the mesosphere and should cover exactly the need described above.


Simon Fakir
Simon Fakir

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