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Especially when your system needs a migration or you lack the personnel to maintain it, your business might be at stake. We are here to help you in high-pressure situations like these.

"For many years now we have been successfully working with Simon and his team of engineers. We started out with a legacy system and today have one of the best performing client portals in our industry."

Tobias Hölzel
CEO, dig dis!

Which legacy problem can we solve for you?

We have 10+ years of experience in maintaining and gradually migrating existing legacy software to a maintainable, modern stack. We start by to discovering the requirements and the processes out of the source code of the existing system and take it from there.

No Maintenance

You lack the team or engineer who knows your system and is capable of maintaining it.

Migration to Cloud

Your core software is built on native desktop technology, which is slowing down your release cycle.

Outdated Techstack

Your code is built with a niche or outdated technology. Migrate it to a modern cloud-based tech stack.

High Dependency

Your business has grown very dependent on one software developer or provider. Own your software again.


With more than 15 years experience in tech, I have helped 90+ businesses to reach their full potential

‘I started my business with my first client when I was 15 years old. Since then, I have not stopped building software for clients, helping tech start-ups in the role of CTO and finding good software developers around the world.

As an IT service provider, I have seen many situations where companies had to struggle with legacy systems. What they all had in common, was the high pressure on the business that this situation caused. Many had already resigned themselves to the situation. But I have not had a case where we could not find a viable solution. 

As Fakir Technology Consultants, we have both the expertise to work out a solution and, if needed, can also carry out the development part.’

Simon Fakir

CEO of Fakir Technology Consultants GmbH

Migration Success Stories

See one of our clients and how we solved their issue with a legacy software system.

How the Leading Distributor for Electronic Music Was Migrated to the Cloud​

For the music distributor ‘dig dis!’, we migrated the legacy “filemaker’ based system to a cloud application based on the latest technology on the market. The core challenges were to realign the software with the business needs, prepare the software for the company growth, as well as to become market leader in terms of usability.

Since then, they tripled the customer count, increased the transaction load tenfold and still reduced the amount of user support by 50%. Also, the system is now highly available and was secured with a modern firewall.

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