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We are experienced in customer facing web applications which use complex technologies like NLP, IoT or very large scale databases.

"One of the most competent and loyal partners I have met in my career."

Gueven Oektem
CEO, Fleetize GmbH

How does it work?

We will build your product as a team, with the right balance between short-term goals and long-term maintainability of your system.



In the first step, we look at your needs and the long term goals. Then, we focus on the first version, which you can use to create value for your business. No waterfall-model, no bureaucracy – but focused on the goal.



During the implementation, we regularly release and bring the results to the users. With the feedback that we gain from your users, we learn, improve and implement with a modern, agile work style.



As we are interested in long-term collaboration, we are here for maintaining and updating every component we created. Several of our long-term customers still runs systems that we implemented in 2005 or even earlier.


Success Stories

See some of our clients and what we built for them.


How we used NLP to implement a risk detection solution at pwc

For PricewaterhouseCoopers, we applied the Haystack Open-Source NLP framework to find risk and answer questions based on financial reports of large financial firms. The NLP algorithm helps to process the PDF files in no time and assists financial advisors to find relevant content in large unstructured files.


How we used IoT to digitize Germany's best rated car logbook

With our client Fleetize, we implemented the IoT Interface for a car2cloud application. The demands of this project included a very reliable, high-scale infrastructure, transfer-encryption and a multi-cloud based deployment.

Pricing Models

We want to be as transparent as possible about the costs of a project and the possible solutions. In our experience, software requirements should change often and a flexible working model is the most transparent way to develop software efficiently. We do offer fixed price and time-based working models at fair rates.

Developer Team

from 300€ / day
  • Full stack software teams ready to start
  • Efficient and flexible agile process
  • Access to experts on-demand
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Regular Updates and Close Collaboration
  • Best for flexible requirements

Fixed Project

price as offered
  • Cost guarantee
  • Fully managed project
  • Best for well-defined projects

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