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Building an production ready AI software requires special knowledge in design, implementation and deployment of the software application. We have a special focus on Natural Language Processing.

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"For many years now we have been successfully working with Simon and his team of engineers. We started out with a legacy system and today have one of the best performing client portals in our industry."

Tobias Hölzel
CEO, dig dis!

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We have 5+ years experience in implementing and maintaining NLP applications and have successfully build NLP projects for PwC, Infineon and the BaFin (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority).


Model Selection & Finetuning

For production ready use cases NLP pipelines are required instead of single NLP-models. The magic lies in the composition and fine-tuning of the models which we do in a custom consultancy and evaluation process together with our clients.

UI Implementation

While the most NLP companies are experts in the machine learning model part, we partner up and provide the full application around the AI-core. We provide the full webapplication and production deploymentt.

Data Integration

The heavy lifting in most NLP process is the extraction and cleaning of data. Our data engineers are experts in setting up these pipelines and provide the right data to the right place in the necessary quality.

Architecture & Deployment

Our CEO has 10+ years experience in designing complex and scalable web applications. Together with our senior engineers he will be involved in setting up the planned infrastructure.


My motivation is to bring technology to practical use which I did for 90+ companies.

‘I started my business with my first client when I was 15 years old. Since then, I have not stopped building software for clients, helping tech start-ups in the role of CTO and finding good software developers around the world.

As an IT service provider, I have seen many situations where companies had to struggle with legacy systems. What they all had in common, was the high pressure on the business that this situation caused. Many had already resigned themselves to the situation. But I have not had a case where we could not find a viable solution. 

As Fakir Technology Consultants, we have both the expertise to work out a solution and, if needed, can also carry out the development part.’

Simon Fakir

CEO of Fakir Technology Consultants GmbH

Success Stories

In the last years we implemented multiple NLP projects from report analytics to comeptitor research our data scientiest and frontend team did care about the end-to-end implementation.

How we helped pwc to stay up-to-date with comeptitors press releases

PriceWaterhouseCoopers is one of the leading professional service networks providing audits, consultation and legal tax issues. Our software enabled them to monitor customers and competitors publications to understand the fast-paced market and report them directly to the top-management. 

We used the latest open-source language models and tailored them to the needs of PwC.

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