Deepest is the company behind the Haystack NLP framework. They help you build production-ready NLP.
All core NLP components are in one platform. Pick a model, add documents, pre-process, index, and build a demo UI. Compose and deploy custom NLP pipelines.

What is deepset?

Natural language processing solutions (NLP) offer a variety of benefits of using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to solve a range of common business and technology problems related to processing, sorting, and making sense of data. We have helped the most prominent European companies and public sector organizations to instrument semantic search and question-answering (QA) to automate data processing, legal analysis, regulatory compliance, and decision-making. We’re also building an enterprise SaaS product to complement our open-source NLP framework (Haystack).

What we built?

The latest technology in Natural Language Processing is only available to Data Scientists using complex APIs or command line interfaces. With haystack hub we designed and implemented an easy-to-use user interface targeting regular engineers, but also business users to interact with the technology.


Ready to get started?

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