With dig dis! we have a client who we have been working with for many years now. We started off with a legacy system several years back and built a modern music distribution platform that is constantly being updated. Now we have several members of our developer team working on the dig dis! products.

What we did

When we started working with dig dis!, the system that had been developed for years was quite heavy and not easy to update and maintain. First, we understood the status quo and built a parallel system in collaboration with the existing developer. At the same time, we focused on selecting and staffing remote engineers who would be working long-term on the new system.

Here, the client had access to experts ranging from UX to DevOps, who ensured ‘state-of-the-art’ software quality and efficiency. The product team now works closely with the developers using agile software methodologies. 

What is digdis?

Dig dis! is a “music distribution” platform with users from all over the world. In simple words, dig dis! has a user interface to upload music, send music to other platforms (e.g. iTunes, Spotify, etc.), and report the sales of each platform back to the user.


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