Educoach is a non-profit web application for underprivileged students in Germany. Students can benefit from this program by using a tablet to advance their academic goals in school. By using the facilities and features of this program, students can keep their passion and motivation high, plan better for their studies and enjoy learning new things.

What is Educoach?

In this program, we teach the concepts they need by using a smart and easy interface for students. We carefully examine and evaluate ideas such as concentration time management, study cards, study diaries, and student study statistics to achieve the goal.

What we built

We design and build a user-focused program from scratch for students. We introduce a new look to the application that is being implemented to make it pleasant for students to work with it.
To improve this sense and their goals, we add features such as study cards for students to retain the material better. Also, to create a dialogue with students and communicate more with them to understand them and their needs, a three-dimensional robot named Ido is added to the program to encourage them to keep up with the program by sending messages and receiving feedback from them. 

Ido must interact with students using its powerful artificial intelligence. These measures are classified into two parts, interactive and reflective, with 35 informative components.

Ido works by displaying the right message at the right time. By receiving the user’s response and making an intelligent reaction to that action, he makes this valuable communication not dull and disappointing for the students. This process must be done perfectly so that the students believe that the Ido is alive and accept him as a living being who is their friend.


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