inno2grid provides sustainable mobility solutions and viable energy distribution for different ranges of users like companies, fleet operators and individuals.

The main aim of the tendergy web application is to install the wall-boxes for the clients. Whether company places or personal places – i2g enables the electrification of the places by installing the wall-boxes for charging the vehicles.

What we did

Over the years of implementation, fakir’s team supported in various fields like solution architecture, DevOps, Front end and Back end development, design, and quality assurance.
One of the most impressive parts of the project is finding the best solutions that cover the requirements of the customer in real-time. Our talented developers provided cost-effective approaches toward live challenges by optimizing the database, services, and user-friendly design for customers around the world.
Also, the security and privacy of the project were our priority from the early stages, and we are updating the policies based on the business requirements.

What is tendergy?

For fleets with few sites, initial and manual fleet electrification sales, consulting, and quotation processes can be standardized, digitized, and automatized.
tendergy has a full flow from analyzing and estimating the customer requirements for the installation of a wall box up to the ordering, offering, and installation at the site. Through this journey, users can chat and communicate easily or even set up an online session to check the site remotely.
The platform also provides cost estimation for both on-site installation and remote home checks. This helps the customer to make an informed decision.


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