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dig dis!

Dig dis! is a “music distribution” platform with users from all over the world. In simple words, dig dis! has a user interface to upload music, send music to other platforms (e.g. iTunes, Spotify, etc.), and report the sales of each platform back to the user.
We created a way to connect artists and music producers and labels to the music distributors and also ease the way of calculating of shares and sending statements.


Natural language processing solutions (NLP) offer a variety of benefits of using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to solve a range of common business and technology problems related to processing, sorting, and making sense of data. We have helped the most prominent European companies and public sector organizations to instrument semantic search and question-answering (QA) to automate data processing, legal analysis, regulatory compliance, and decision-making.

Fleetbook - inno2grid

Fleetbook is a native app for employees with a company car. It is a mobile app for charging vehicles at public, home and company sites. By using this application users are able to charge anywhere. The process became simple, by just using the application for find the nearby charging station, tap the charging card and charging vehicle and automatic billing.

Tendergy - inno2grid

tendergy has a full flow from analyzing and estimating the customer requirements for the installation of a wall box up to the ordering, offering, and installation at the site. Through this journey, users can chat and communicate easily or even set up an online session to check the site remotely. The platform also provides cost estimation for both on-site installation and remote home checks. This helps the customer to make an informed decision.

eConsultant - inno2grid

With eConsultant, users can accelerate their transition to a zero-emission fleet by calculating their cost savings and CO2 savings. Users can create their customized roadmap towards a fully electrified fleet.


Educoach is a non-profit web application for underprivileged students in Germany. Students can benefit from this program by using a tablet to advance their academic goals in school. By using the facilities and features of this program, students can keep their passion and motivation high, plan better for their studies and enjoy learning new things.

DB Mitfahrer App

For DB Regio AG, we developed the Mitfahrer App, which allows customers to form rideshare groups. This picks up on the general ‘sharing’ trend and enables a social driving experience.

From a technical perspective, in addition to the native apps, the server infrastructure is also interesting. DB AG transports 11 million passengers every day – an application must be able to cope with this scale of user requests in order to achieve high customer satisfaction and high reliability.


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